Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Oscar B-day Party

September 18th, 2009

Oscar is the son of the Kurupí millionaires, and it was time to celebrate his birthday. His birthday party paled in comparison to the overly extravagant Quinceañera thrown for their daughter just a few months ago, but still was a really good time. I know how extravagant it was because they showed me the pictures from the party. It was literally something like the Sweet 16s on MTVs My Sweet 16 TV show.

If I get a chance, I’ll go by and try to take a few pictures of the pictures they have to show you how amazing this party was. I’m really beginning to see why Latin America has the highest gap between the rich and the poor of anywhere in the world.

Anyway, it’s Oscar’s day, so on to his party. We started things off the Paraguayan way. All the guys stood outside in a circle drinking and cracking jokes on each other while the girls sat inside, most probably gossiping about the guys outside.

The adults sat around a large table, and were served appetizers and expensive whiskey and wine.

Once the food was ready, all the boys sat around on table on the outside and the girls sat around a table on the inside. I swear...I don’t know what it is exactly that creates this cultural phenomenon, but it’s like half grown males and females act like children at a dance in the States. They even treat relationships like we did in Elementary. If a girl is interested in a guy for example, they will send a friend to tell him she likes him and ask if he likes her back. It’s going to take me some time to adjust to this part of the culture.

We ate some rather good, yet tough grilled meat, various salads, and of course mandioca.

After dinner, we went back outside for more standing around and drinking before heading inside for the disco party that ensued. They had hired an incredible DJ who brought a powerful sound system and lights. We danced and partied into the night, and when I was all partied out, I headed home.

For future travelers coming to Paraguay....BEWARE! Most Paraguayans can easily drink you under the table and they are accustomed to partying until at least 5 in the morning before even considering calling it a night.

I was told they stayed for a while after I left, and a big group ended up jumping into the pool despite how cold it was that night.

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