Thursday, October 22, 2009

Top 5 Best Videos from Training (except for the censored one)

I didn't have a chance to post some of the videos from training since I didn't have frequent, or stable, Internet access.

1. Hector (my host brother) and Arelio (Carlos' host brother) drunk dancing in literally freezing weather.

When asked to join in, I told them, "guys don't dance together like that where I'm from." Arelio said, "¡Diversión, Diversión!" which translates to something like "Fun, Fun!" How true... They were having a good time dancing and I had a great time watching and laughing at them.

2. Drunk Jumping Contest:

When a bunch of male Paraguayans get together and get drunk, they sometimes show their male dominance by taking their shirts off and having a jumping contest. Notice the fat one who keeps procrastinating the jump. This movie is really anti-climatic. The best part comes at the beginning, so don't expect a big finish.

3. Liz and Carlos introducing my first chicken kill:

I actually have a video of the kill, but unfortunately Peace Corps specifically prohibited us from sharing videos of killing animals because a Volunteer uploaded the video of him killing a chicken. I don't think anything came of it. I guess they think some Americans could view that in a negative light or something. Oh well.

4. Introducing Fabiola!

5. Fabiola dancing to A Whole New World:

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